About Us

BioNT, the Bio Network for Training


BioNT, the Bio Network for Training, is an international consortium of nine partners, including six academic entities and three Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs). The vision of the consortium is to provide a high-quality training program and community for digital skills relevant to the biotechnology industry and biomedical sector.


The training model designed by the project proponents encodes the following missions:

  • To provide high-quality courses in the context of two coherently designed curricula; the first aimed at enhancing the basic digital skills coverage of staff and job seekers in the healthcare and biotechnology fields, and the second at empowering technological leaders and innovators.
  • To have a beneficial impact not only on the course participants, but also on their communities, supporting the development of basic levels of digital intensity in SMEs and businesses in the focus sectors.
  • To ensure the community and activities sustainability beyond the project duration, through the empowerment of the individuals involved in the project, as well as of their business-specific, sector-specific, language-specific, communities, etc. By treating the training content itself in a FAIR way, we can generate communities around the training program using collaborative approaches (such as social coding) to create sustainably maintained pedagogical content.

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